Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!

Credits & Copyrights web site has been commissionned in 2012 by Morija Museum & Archives. Here are the credits!


- All Rights Reserved: Morija Museum & Archives.

- Photography: Meri Hyoky, Patrick Rorke & selected artists.


- Project Management, extended theme customization and additional features (custom templates & widgets, social media integration, newsletter & RSS integration, maps, calendar, files, etc) , server setup & optimization, SEO &  analytics setup, etc : Agnes Lesage-Possolo.

- Photography & Text inputs: Meri Hyoky & the team of Morija Museum & Archives.

- Logo design: Patrick Rorke. Logo digitization: Meri Hyoky

- Coding for part of the Museum Collections: Rachel McCollin.

- Theme: LifeStyle by Themefuse

- CMS: WordPress 3.3.2, plugins by WordPress community and in particular the great plugins from  Yoast (SEO & Analytics), Eventualo (Alo easymail newsletter), Robert Harm (Leaflet Maps Marker), msaari & comprock (Relevanssi search).

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