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Using social media in events promotion

With the launch of our website,, prior to the 2012 Morija Arts & Cultural Festival, together with our Facebook page, we were able to keep people updated constantly throughout the festival. Our reach was not only in Lesotho, but across the African continent, and the rest of the world.

Morija Arts & Cultural Festival

As public relations and communications officers at Morija Arts & Cultural Festival, we must look for effective ways to get our message across, often with limited funds. This is where social media plays such a significant role, enabling us to post news and updates, plus, our audience does not have to leave their comfort zone, information is just a click away.

Using social media we are able to quickly answer our customer’s questions, engage in conversations and provide support for our numerous stakeholders.

In Lesotho, social media, as a promotional tool is becoming vital. The beauty is that there are few boundaries, limitations and restrictions, plus, the reach is global and most importantly it is extremely cost effective.

Director of Sky Events Pty Ltd, Christian Schmidt has vast experience in the use of social media. As the founder of the annual Lesotho Sky Mountain Bike Race, and part of the media communications team for the 2012 Roof of Africa, he stated:

“International sporting events such as Lesotho Sky and Roof of Africa involve many more stakeholders than just the competing athletes. There are local and international sponsors, the families, friends and fans of the athletes, spectators but also the government which is involved through its ministries.

The various local media carry both interest in and duty of reporting on events of this nature to their audiences in Lesotho and beyond. In order to reach international audiences the best way is online media coverage. It is fast, free and convenient. Fast, because it is accessible instantaneously through the internet. Free, because there are little to no costs involved with uploading news and data to one’s own website (unless for paid commercial advertising). And convenient because, it may not require the physical presence of a foreign journalist and hence save further costs.

Today, the value of a brand is determined mainly by its online presence and audience. Hence for events like Roof and Lesotho Sky, online media coverage is of great importance.”

Organising successful large events in Lesotho requires support from local communities, government, companies, organisations, as well as international backing. With the rise of social media, keeping all of these stakeholders happy, informed and up-to-date is becoming easier, even from the rural mountains of Lesotho. Plus, it makes our job easier and fun to do!

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