Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!

Pony Trekking

Basotho ponies are renowned for their strength and agility when walking over mountain trails. With its wooded trails, mountain lakes and beautiful vistas, the Morija region is a perfect location for experiencing this for yourself.

Pony trekking in Morija

You can go on a short ride (minimum of 1 hour), a day ride, or an overnight trek up the mountain staying in a small village. Experienced and inexperienced riders, adults and children are welcome to enjoy Morija on the sure-footed Basotho ponies.


» For two riders or more: M100 per person per hour, M275 per half-day and M385 per day
» For one rider only: M135 per person per hour, M385 per half-day and M495 per day
» Guide’s services are included in all activities


» Contact expert horseman and guide Kefuoe Namane on +266 5915 5528
» Map


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