Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!

Morija Accommodation

Staying in Morija will offer you the opportunity not only to visit the area, but to have a unique insight into Basotho culture and art of living!

Morija offers a range of accommodation options including guest houses, B&B’s and homestays. For details, see the map and links below.

Morija Guest Houses

Morija Guest Houses
Morija Guest Houses and Tours: -29.632710, 27.512870
Lindy\’s B&B: -29.631740, 27.513960
Mophato oa Morija: -29.627983, 27.506354
Mahloenyeng Guest House: -29.571367, 27.549934
Makhoarane Guest House: -29.623217, 27.506783
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Morija Guest Houses and Tours
Accomodation, self catering  or cooked meals, special events and a lot of information to better enjoy Basotho culture and the surroundings. Read More
Tel: +266 6306 5093 ‎
E-mail: – Lebaka Makana
Web site:

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Lindy’s B&B
Lindy’s Bed & Breakfast and Catering Services provides short and long-term accommodation as well as delicious meals to visitors. Read More
Tel: (+266) 5885-5309 / 6285-5309
Web site:

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Mophato oa Morija
Accommodation and Conference Centre. Read More
Telephone Number: (+266) 2236 0291
Fax: (+266) 360 010.

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Mahloenyeng Guest House
Accommodation, catering and special events. Read More
Telephone Number: (+266)  5873 1277

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Makhoarane Guest House
Makhoarane Guest House is centrally located with secure car parking. There are two comfortable bedrooms with a private bathroom. Meals can be provided or you can self-cater. The guest house can accommodate 4 people. Read More
Name: Tite Tsehlana
Address: PO Box 5, Morija 190
Location: Likhoiting
Telephone Number: (+266) 5844 5712

Community-based Home Stays

If you’re keen to interact with local people and learn about Lesotho culture, then try staying with a Basotho family and learning about their lives. Homestays offer you a great opportunity to experience social traditions, local cuisine, rituals and everyday life of the host family. It will be a true cross cultural experience that you will not forget! The rates are very reasonable and you will be helping people to supplement their income. Read more

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