Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!
Morija Tourism

Morija Tourism

Morija offers visitors who are interested in Basotho culture a number of cultural & historical points of interest in a very authentic, relaxed atmosphere – and beautiful landscapes just 40 miles away from Maseru. Stay for a day or two and enjoy the local hospitality!

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Khahliso Matela Photography

Memories of Lesotho

Nubile beauties Basotho women are known to be, are now shrivelled visages of denuded womanhood, left to fend for seeds whose fathers might never know....
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Great time for birdwatching in Morija

Although birds are present throughout the year in Morija, the summer season (November – February) is the peak season when the migrants are here. At least 125 species have been identified in the area during the 2-year period of 2012-13....
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Visit Morija – New homestays added!

New homestays have been added! If you’re keen to interact with local people and learn about Lesotho culture then why not stay with a Basotho ......
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Morija April 27

April 27 – A day of art, literature and cuisine in Morija

Schedule: 10h00 – 18h00    Uprise In The Garden – Fundraising event Open Mic, Music, Artists market & so much more! M 50 Morija Museum Amphitheatre Contact Meri 5940 0472 or ......
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April 27 – UPRISE in the garden

On Saturday April 27, join us in Morija for a full day of activities for the whole family! ...
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