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Online Exhibitions – René Paul Gosselin

On December 15th, 2012, Maeder House Art & Craft Gallery presented an exhibition of René Paul Gosselin’s photography titled Basotho People At Work.

René Paul Gosselin took his first photographs, with a Brownie Box camera in 1959. These were appalling pictures. His Head-Master, Mr. Clark, of the St.Luke’s Preparatory School in Jersey, Channel Islands, and an accomplished amateur photographer, was kind enough to teach his student some technique. That was with everything from pinholes in a shoe-box to the latest Twin-lens Rolleiflex. Many years later travelling through Africa, these lessons were invaluable in recording the voyages of a business man, for twenty five years.

After more formal training in South Africa, René Paul Gosselin discovered Lesotho and began this latest trek into the lives of the Basotho. The photographer now exhibits in his own gallery in the Eastern Free State, South Africa and contributes to several photo-stock agencies and various magazines.



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