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November 18 – Women In Resistance exhibition opening in Morija

Women In Resistance exhibition opening at Morija Museum & Archives November 18.

Women in Resistance was a traveling exhibition, that was displayed in Maseru at Alliance Francaise in May 2015, dedicated to women around the world who exist, resist, argue, survive and rebuild.

Vodacom mWomen sponsored portraits of ‘women in resistance’ in Lesotho to be added to the exhibition. Following the exhibition, Vodacom mWomen ensured each of the women’s inspiring stories were translated into Sesotho and will be formally housed at Morija Museum & Archives as of the 18th November.

The goal of the exhibition aims to raise awareness about the principles of equality between men and women, justice, labour, HIV and the rights of women amongst others. The exhibition shall be accessible to the general community at large but activities aimed at encouraging school goers in the Morija area to engage with the themes illustrated through the exhibition will be established.

Early next year, members of The Hub will get a chance to add onto the exhibition with Morija’s own women in resistance.


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