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Morija Museum & Archives Overview

Established in 1956, Morija Museum & Archives collects valuable archival material and museum collections. The museum also works on a range of arts & culture projects, plus, heritage and community-based tourism initiatives.

At the heart of Morija Museum & Archives (MMA) are its valuable archival and museum collections, which have been growing incrementally since the 19th century. These collections form the basis for research and publishing, as well as exhibitions and educational programmes for schools, visitors and tourists.

MMA is open to the public from 08h00 to 17h00 daily Monday – Saturday, and on Sundays from 12h00 to 17h00. It is closed on Easter Sunday, as well as Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Morija Museum was formally established in 1956 based upon the Dieterlen family ethnographic and historical collections together with palaeotological and geological collections from the Ellenbergers. These two collections provided the main pillars of the present-day Museum collections which have been growing incrementally over the past 50 years. In 2005, for example, a collection of more modern material culture including hundreds of beaded items was bequeathed to the museum by Chris Van Nispen.

Other MMA initiatives have made a great impact in the arts and culture, the most notable being Maeder House Art Gallery, the embryonic Morija Arts Centre, the annual Morija Arts & Cultural Festival, and the nation-wide School Cultural Competitions.

The Museum has helped to develop and encourage a wider range of tourism services and products in the greater Morija area, including the Museum Tea Room, Picnic Area and Amphitheatre for larger events; tours of historic Morija and dinosaur footprints, walking trails, bird-watching and pony-trekking; as well as guest houses, conference centre, home-stays, village experiences, cultural activities, catering services, and art/craft production.

MMA is also involved in heritage and community-based tourism initiatives at Masitise Cave House Museum in the far south of Lesotho, Maphutseng and other sites.

Consultancy work has been undertaken at a range of other heritage sites, including Thaba-Bosiu National Monument.

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