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Outreach & Education Programme

The School Education & Outreach Programme (SEOP) assists in carrying out the mission or Morija Museum & Archives by reaching out and mobilizing the issues of living traditions, the arts, history, topical issues, science and the environment both of Lesotho, the Basotho and the wider world.

Education & School Outreach

Morija Museum and Archives has been involved in efforts to take its educational programmes beyond the museum in order to enhance the quality of education in Lesotho since 2001. From 2007, the programme has matured and has been focused more particularly to learners from Std. IV to VII in the three districts of Berea, Maseru and Mafeteng, the School & Education Outreach Programme visits schools and communities to exhibit and interpret a collection of material culture, as well as multi-media and other presentations relevant to art, history, culture, science and life orientation.

In order to strengthen this initiative, a Steering Committee was formed in early 2009, comprised of seventeen members under the coordination of Ms. Tiisetso Pitso and Ms. Matšooana Sekokotoana as Co-directors from Morija Museum & Archives; three education officers from the three pilot districts; two representatives from the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), and a good representation of teachers from different schools within the three pilot districts.

SEOP has achieved a good measure of success from 2009 to 2010, focusing on the development of presentations to schools, with additional hand out material in the form of booklets made by the media team.  During 2010, it focussed on making the transition to a teacher focussed programme whereby select teachers will be capacitated to deliver programme to schools in their particular areas.

Because of funding constraints, the programme has been suspended. In the meantime, Morija Museum is looking for new partners to assist with the roleout of this programme, especially the capacitation of teachers and the enhancement of educational resource materials. By the training of trainers, plus the mass production of digital material to spread the message more broadly, greater success can be achieved but this depends mainly of additional financial resources.

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