Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!

Morija Festival Sponsors

Morija Arts & Cultural Festival would like to give all our sponsors a big thanks to show them our appreciation. We could not bring this festival to you without them!

The Board and Staff of Morija Museum & Archives, together with the Festival Organising Committee, would like to thank all the sponsors for their support of the Morija Arts & Cultural Festival.

Special thanks are also due to the Royal Family, the Lesotho Evangelical Church, the people and institutions of Morija, Maleta-Thojane, many government departments through the Inter-Ministerial Task Force, as well as various institutions, the media, cultural organisations and the larger artistic community for making the Morija Festival possible. Rea leboha!

Contact us if you would like to be part of Morija Arts & Cultural Festival.

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