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The Hub

The Hub, a creative technology lab, is a new partner in the developing Morija Cultural Precinct.

The Hub

The Hub, a creative technology lab, is a new partner in the developing Morija Cultural Precinct, which also includes the Morija Museum and Archives (MMA), the Morija Arts Centre, Maeder House Gallery, Linotšing Studios, Heritage Park, the Morija Amphitheatre and Cafe Mojo. This collaborative community of arts, learning and business enterprises builds on Morija’s history as a cultural and tourism destination. The precinct partners share resources and customers to provide a richer customer experience and more sustainable business environment.

Having a place for young people to go and socialise that does not centre on alcohol or drug use, and is an alternative to sport or religious activities, will play a vital role in reducing social isolation and improve levels of social inclusion and social interaction. This positive social environment will be enhanced by providing opportunities to increase self-belief and self-esteem through the acquiring of new skills. Furthermore, young people who use technology to experience new modes of artistic expression gain a better understanding of the present technological age. Through their artistic expression, young people will learn critical thinking by observing, interpreting and synthesizing a range of information and ideas.

The Hub will:

  • Provide affordable access to computers and the internet to people living in Morija. The primary target group of The Hub is young people between the ages of 16-35. An especial focus is to provide young learners with online resources that will help them with schoolwork, revision and research projects. Out-of-school youth will also be engaged and encouraged to develop their computer literacy skills.
  • Provide young people with the opportunity to develop their computer literacy skills in a safe, caring environment that offers long-term mentorship and support.
  • Offer workshops on a range of subjects including: basic computer training, photography, film making, creative writing and web design.
  • Provide a place for young Basotho clothing designers to sell their work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on The Hub:

Phone: +266 58888387

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