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Books & Publications

Morija Museum & Archives publishes and reprints outstanding books about Lesotho, relevant research and publications on Lesotho Evangelical Church & churches, as well as Lesotho history & culture. Below is a list of all our publications.

Morija Museum & Archives Books & Publications

An institution involved in many research & consultancy projects, Morija Museum & Archives also acts as a publisher to promote relevant research and material on Lesotho history & culture, as well as Lesotho Evangelical Church & churches.  It also reprints outstanding books about Lesotho that are no longer available, covering the key areas of history, cultural and religious practices, arts, heritage, etc. For more details, see our publications policy.

Morija Museum & Archives Publications:

  • D.F. EllenbergerCatalogue of the Masitise Archives, Edited by Beatrice Lasserre & David Ambrose, 175 by 245mm, 72 pages, (1987), Soft cover ISBN 99911-793-0-5 
    R 60.00
  • Thomas ArboussetMissionary Excursion into the Blue Mountains, Edited & translated from the French with an introduction & notes by D. Ambrose & A. Brutsch, 175 by 245mm, 219 pages, (1991), 14 illustrations, 12 maps & 2 sketch plans, Soft cover, ISBN 99911-793-2-1 Out of print
  • Eugene Casalis The Basutos, or Twenty Three Years in South Africa, Facsimile reprint of the 1861 edition, with an Introductory Essay and Index by Stephen J. Gill, 135 by 200 mm, [45] + xix + 355 pages + [17], (1992, reprinted 1997), 29 illustrations, Hardback, ISBN 99911-793-3-x R 120.00
  • D.F. Ellenberger & J.C. MacgregorHistory of the Basuto: Ancient & Modern Facsimile reprint of the 1912 edition, with an Introductory Essay, Comprehensive Index and Large Pocket Map of Historical Place Names by Stephen J. Gill, 150 by 220mm, [55] + xxii + 394p + [37 + map], (1992, reprinted 1998), Hardback ISBN 99911-793-4-8,
    R 200.00
  • David AmbroseMaseru: An Illustrated History 175 by 250mm, 256p (1993), Over 130 illustrations with 17 maps & plans, Hardback, ISBN 99911-793-5-6 R 130.00
  • S.J. GillA Short History of Lesotho, Over 80 illustrations & maps, 147 by 210mm, xvi + 266p, (1993, reprinted 1997, 1999 and 2001), Soft cover ISBN 99911-793-6-4 R 130.00
  • Robin WellsAn Introduction to the Music of the Basotho, Over 60 musical examples, 152 by 222mm, vii + 338 pages, (1994), Softcover ISBN 99911-793-7-2, R 100.00 Out of print
  • S.J. GillA Guide to Morija, 148mm by 210mm, 36 pages, (1995), 23 illustrations and 2 maps, Soft cover, ISBN 99911-793-8-0 R 15.00
  • R. Fitter & M. MasoabiMy Fun Book of Lesotho, 210 by 295mm, 72 pages, (1996) 
    R 30.00
  • E.W. SmithThe Mabilles of Basutoland, Facsimile reprint of 1939 edition (1996), 130 by 195mm, vi + 382 pages, Hardcover, ISBN 99911-793-9-9 R 110.00
  • Martin LelimoThe Question of Lesotho’s Conquered Territory: It’s Time for an Answer 148 by 210mm, x + 211, Paperback, ISBN 99911-632-0-4 (1998, reprinted 2000) R 85.00
  • Peter SandersThe Last of the Queen’s Men: A Lesotho Experience 148 by 218mm, 175 pages, Paperback, ISBN1 86814 353 8 (2000) (Published jointly with Wits University Press) R 120.00 Out of print
  • Prof. J.M. MohapeloaTentative British Imperialism in Lesotho, 1884 – 1910 160 by 215mm, xx + 437p, (2002) R 200.00 Out of print
  • T. Makoa and A.L. ZwillingShepherd Boy of the Maloti, 148 by 210mm, 160 pages (2005), Soft cover with colour illustrations, ISBN 99911-632-3-9, R 80.00
  • Stephen GillThe Story of Morija Museum & Archives: Pioneers in Heritage Management & Education in Lesotho, 148 by 210mm, 108 pages (2005), Soft cover with many bl & w and colour illustrations, ISBN 99911-632-2-0, R 75.00
  • Patrick DuncanSotho Laws & Customs, 155 by 220mm, viii + 169 pages (2006, facsimile reprint of 1960 edition), Hardback, ISBN 99911-794-0-2, R 120.00
  • Vernon B. PalmerThe Roman-Dutch and Sesotho Law of Delict, 148 by 210mm, 210 pages (2008, facsimile of 1970 ed.), Soft cover, ISBN 99911-632-4-7, R 120.00
  • Craig W. HincksQuest for Peace, An Ecumenical History of the Church in Lesotho, 180 by 252mm, xx + 1084 pages [published by Heads of Churches & Christian Council of Lesotho; Morija Museum is the Marketing Agent], Hardcover, ISBN 978-999-110-8018,
    R 350.00
  • Mekolokotoane Kerekeng ea Evangeli Lesotho, Jubilee Highlights 1833-2008, ed. S.J. Gill, 155 by 220mm, xx + 380 pages (2009), Hardcover, ISBN 978-999-11-794-1-4, R 180.00
  • Peter SandersThrowing Down White Man, Cape Rule and Misrule in Colonial Lesotho, 1871-1884, 173 by 258mm, 320 + 16 pages, Soft cover, ISBN 978-99911-632-5-3, R 220.00

Other Books for sale:

  • Patrick BerengEchoes of Passion: The Third Round, (2008) Poetry and other writings about Lesotho 
    R 60.00
  • Patrick Bereng & Patrick LehloenyaHaboo, (2nd edition 2006) Very useful compilation of biographical information, genealogies and photographs of many important chiefly families in Sesotho with praise poems R 220.00
  • Rene-Paul GosselinBasotho People at Work, (book of photography) (2009)
    R 300.00
  • Sonia HornReflections of a Time in the Mountain Kingdom: A Memoir, (2009) Reflections of the former personal secretary of Prime Minister Leabua Jonathan R 150.00
  • Pieter JollyDitema: Some decorated Sotho buildings, (2010) Beautifully illustrated
    R 145.00
  • Pieter JollyRock Shelter: Some cave and cliff structures in Lesotho and South Africa, (2010) Beautifully illustrated R195.00
  • Mothusi Thami MashologuA Broken Reed, (2006) A discreet narration of the tumultuous times that led to the breakup of the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. R 60.00
  • Mothusi Thami MashologuOh Independence!, (2004) A play R 40.00
  • Mothusi Thami MashologuSlices of Bread, (2004) Collection of short stories R 50.00
  • Thomas MofoloTraveller to the East, 2007 edition of the English translation of the first African novel published by Penguin Modern Classics to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original Sesotho edition R 120.00
  • ZA Mats’ela and RIM Moletsane‘Mantilatilane, (2006) Book in Sesotho concerning Sotho clans R40.00
  • Rodney MoffettSesotho Plant & Animal Names and Plants used by the Basotho, (2010) R300.00
  • A.S. Mopeli-PaulusThe World and the Cattle, (2008), Penguin Modern Classics Autobiography of the noted Sotho writer R 120.00
  • Morija Printing Works: 150 years 1861-2011: A short historical review (2011)
    R 35.00
  • Ntsukunyane Mphanya, My Life in the Basutoland Congress Party, (2010) Recorded and edited by Motlatsi Thabane and Neville Pule – well-told story of the life and times of a leading political leader during the period from 1950 through 2000  R 95.00
  • J.M. OrpenHistory of the Basutus of South Africa, (1979 reprint of the original 1857 edition) Orpen’s hard-hitting exposé of land-grabbing by white settlers led to his expulsion from the Free State. R 50.00
  • Dirk SchwagerLesotho, (2008) Hardback edition of a beautifully illustrated coffee table book. R 200.00
  • M. Tsikoane, C. Wade and RIM MoletsaneThose For-gotten Heroes: The Unsung Champions pf Development, (2010) R 50.00
  • Felicity Wood and Michael LewisThe Extraordinary Khotso: Millionaire Medicine Man from Lusikisiki, (2007) Well-told biography of the famous Sotho doctor Khotso Sethuntsa. R 240.00
  • Raymond A. ZeppLesotho Ferns, (1982) R 60.00

How to purchase our publications

Buyers from Lesotho may purchase books at the Museum, or we can arrange to post or deliver books to Maseru for an additional cost. Please contact Morija Museum Shop.

Book Sellers will enjoy a 30% discount on all materials purchased. Please place your orders with the Curator Stephen Gill of Morija Museum Shop (see contact page).

Buyers from outside Lesotho should contact the following booksellers in South Africa:

Nalane Publications
Nalane Publications offers a section on its website to order Morija Museum & Archives publications online.
Website:  and MMA books section
Contact: Fezekile Futhwa

Isipho Books
Isipho Books is a small organisation that focuses on promoting African writers and literature.
Physical Address: 2299 Nelson Street, Naturena Ext 19, 2064
Postal Address: P.O. BOX 785333, Sandton, 2146, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0) 84 7777 432

Please note that the price list (including shipping costs) may change.

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