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Maeder House & the Morija Art Center

Maeder House and the adjacent Morija Art Centre (aka Linotšing Workshop) are open to anyone who would like to be engaged in various forms of artistic and creative production.

Maeder House & the Morija Art Center

On 4 June, 2011 His Majesty the King of Lesotho opened Maeder House Art & Craft Gallery and the Morija Arts Centre.

Maeder House Art & Craft Gallery

Maeder House is one of the oldest buildings in Lesotho, dating back to 1843. It was the home of missionary artisan and artist Francois Maeder.

The gallery provides Basotho artists with a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Morija Arts Center

The Morija Art Centre is adjacent to Maeder House located in a series of old storerooms christened Linotšing (The Beehive).

It currently serves as work and studio space for a number of artists. The aim for the complex is to provide artists and interested people with a space in which to learn, build their creativity and livelihoods. As the centre develops, it will not only provide mentoring and practical learning opportunities, space and equipment, as well as exchange programmes in the visual arts, craft and design, but also in other performing and practical arts. The concept is still in the developmental stage but already it is proving to be instrumental in developing a vibrant arts community in Morija.

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Professional artist Patrick Rorke is at the forefront of this initiative. He is experienced in painting, ceramics, mosaics, metal work and a range of other media, as well as an experienced art teacher. His wife Aasha, an accomplished jeweller, is also actively involved in managing the gallery and working with artists.

For more information please contact Maeder House or visit it.
It is open daily (Tues-Sat) from 11h00 to 16h00, Sundays 13h00-17h00 (closed on Mondays).

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