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Tsepiso Lesenyeho

A versatile artist of high repute, Tsepiso Lesenyeho’s work speaks eloquently and in telling detail of life in Lesotho.

Morija & Basotho Artists - Tsepiso Lesenyeho

About his work

Lesenyeho has exhibited at home and abroad and his work can be found in collections throughout the world.

A prolific artist, enclosed within his all absorbing concentration, Lesenyeho produces work that speaks of a dislocation as well as a very clear connection.

One might go so far as to point to an instinctive cubism where the visual rules are thrown slightly out of kilter resulting in visually disturbing paintings that are, at the same time surprisingly serene.


See some of Tsepiso’s work in this gallery. Click on the thumbnails to view the images.


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