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Friends of Morija Museum & Archives

The Friends of Morija Museum & Archives is a membership based organisation formed in 1990. Its mission is to support the museum by promoting a greater appreciation of history, culture, art and science.

Friends of Morija Museum & Archives

About F-MMA

Founded in 1990 to assist with fund-raising for small projects, the Friends of Morija Museum & Archives was formally re-constituted and registered (2007/215) with the Lesotho Law Office, and is run by an Executive Committee elected every 2nd year (2007, 2009, etc) in March/April. Sub-committees are also active, focusing on efforts to develop an annual calendar of activities as well as help with fund-raising.

The Friends of Morija Museum & Archives seek to contribute to efforts aimed at promoting, among our members and society at large, a greater appreciation of history, culture, art and science, our own and others’, on the understanding that this will not only help us know ourselves better but also make us tolerant of the values of others from cultural, historical, artistic and scientific experiences different from our own.

The Friends hold a variety of activities and events during the year depending upon the interests and input of its members. You are invited to join us in further developing the organization and its activities.

Annual Membership Fees

- Students: R 20
- Adults: R 50
- Companies and Institutions: R 100

1. 20% discount on Morija Museum publications and fees (but this will only come into effect once proper membership cards are issued, something which previous committees have failed to provide – but I think this time it will happen)
2. Chance to participate in organising events in order to gain experience, including promotions, media work, and fund-raising (and it looks good on your CV)
3. Chance to meet interesting people, learn more about art, culture, history, science and places of interest, and have a good time
4. Chance to display your talent and gain greater recognition and opportunities to perform

F-MMA Officers

- Chairperson: Matjato Moteane
- Deputy Chairperson: Ts’epang Mosena
- Secretary: Thoriso Ralefu
- Vice Secretary: Tlalane Sebeko
- Treasurer: Jay Mataga
- Member: Motlatsi Thabane
- Youth Member: Senate Mafura

The Mohlomi Memorial Lecture Series

The Friends of Morija Museum & Archives hold the annual Mohlomi Memorial Lecture in order to remember and honour Mohlomi mor’a Monyane and his wisdom, and to celebrate the success his teachings had in turning the first King of Lesotho, King Moshoeshoe into a nation-builder and an eminent statesman. » Read More

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