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Board & Staff

The Board is composed of members with a strong commitment to building up the work and fulfilling the mandate of Morija Museum & Archives.

The Board is chosen every 4 years (2005, 2009, 2013 etc) by the Executive Committee of the Lesotho Evangelical Church.

2009-2013 Board Members

  • Chairperson, Mr. Thabo Makara
  • Deputy Chairperson, Rev. Fusi Sekulisa
  • Treasurer, Mrs. Bonang M. Nts’euoa


  • Adv. ‘Manneheng Sefeane
  • Mrs. E.M. Sibolla
  • Rev. E.M. Leeto
  • Mr. M.T.Tale


  • Mr. Stephen Gill, Secretary (Curator of MMA)
  • Mr. Pusetso Nyabela (Deputy Curator of MMA)
  • Rev. K.P. Tefo (LECSA Administrator)

 MMA Staff Members

  • Curator: Mr. Stephen Gill
  • Deputy Curator: Mr. Pusetso Nyabela
  • Assistant to Deputy Curator: Ms. Ts’ioana Masupha
  • Documentalist: Ms. Tiisetso Pitso
  • Assistant to Documentalist: Mr. Motseki Mofoka
  • Assistant to Documentalist: Ms. Thato Mapetla
  • Festival Director: Mr. Thabo Leanya
  • Event Manager and Media Officer: Ms. Lineo Segoete
  • Promotions Officer: Mr. Thabo Nthoana
  • IT/New Media/Arts Officer: Ms. ‘Mats’ooana Sekokotoana (on study leave)
  • Accountant/Business Manager: Mr. Palama Kelepa
  • Bookkeeper/Receptionist: Ms. Nthabeleng Masemene
  • Groundskeeper: Mr. Makalo Seutloali
  • Cleaner: Mrs. ‘Malecheko Semithe


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