Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!
  • Provisional programme for 2014 Morija Arts & Cultural Festival has been posted!
  • New creative team to lead Morija Arts & Cultural Festival
  • Cinema in the garden
    Arts & Culture
  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho
  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho
  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho

Welcome to Morija, Lesotho

We invite you to enjoy the rich history, arts & culture of the peoples of Lesotho. Whether you are from Lesotho, or Southern African or from another part of the global family, you will be welcome in Morija, Lesotho. Explore for yourself the wonders of this multi-faceted and unique heritage site. If you cannot come physically to Morija in Lesotho, then through the power of the internet you can still discover important information concerning the famous collections of Morija Museum & Archives, the works of Basotho artists, and learn more about various projects in the arts, culture, heritage management and community-based tourism.

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Leselinyana Newspaper

Leselinyana newspaper, dated February 1878, with a letter from Asser Sehahabane, a Mosotho evangelist who was then working to establish a mission in Bonyai (Zimbabwe). …

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood

Petrified wood from Thaba-Ts’oeu in Mohale’s Hoek District. Ancient trees, like bones, can become hard like stone if mineral salts found in water gradually infiltrate …



Lesiba is a musical instrument played by shepherds while herding animals. It is made of a tightly stretched sinew and a feather (lesiba) attached to …

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Morija Arts & Cultural Festival

Provisional programme for 2014 Morija Arts & Cultural Festival has been posted!

The 2014 Morija Arts & Cultural Festival is set to take off under the new theme Redefinition or Moelelo Bocha. Please follow the link below ......
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Photo by Jessica Meyer

Dams and archaeology in Lesotho

Metolong Authority and the Lesotho Heritage Network host discussion on how to build dams in Lesotho and save cultural heritage.  The Metolong Dam represents a major ......
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© Meri Hyöky Photography

Unsung Heroes wow the masses

Also posted on The Hub By Lineo Segoete Morija Museum a...
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The Yellow House

By Lineo Segoete When I was younger my mother would take me to the place where she grew up: Morija. These trips were usually to bury ......
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