Morija, Lesotho Beating Cultural Heart: enjoy Morija Festival, Morija Museum & Archives, Basotho History, Arts & Culture... Visit Morija!
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  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho
  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho
  • Welcome to Morija, Lesotho

Welcome to Morija, Lesotho

We invite you to enjoy the rich history, arts & culture of the peoples of Lesotho. Whether you are from Lesotho, or Southern African or from another part of the global family, you will be welcome in Morija, Lesotho. Explore for yourself the wonders of this multi-faceted and unique heritage site. If you cannot come physically to Morija in Lesotho, then through the power of the internet you can still discover important information concerning the famous collections of Morija Museum & Archives, the works of Basotho artists, and learn more about various projects in the arts, culture, heritage management and community-based tourism.

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Thuathe Meteorite

Thuathe Meteorite

A small piece of a meteorite which exploded over the Berea plateau on 21 July 2002. Hundreds of pieces of the meteorite have since been …

Morija Museum & Archives Objects - Quartz


Large clear or white quartz crystals (mahakoe in Sesotho) are commonly found in seams in the basalt formations in the mountains of Lesotho. Quartz, whether …

Necklace A

Necklace A

This beautiful black and white necklace is made out of quailed horns and glass beads. These types of necklaces were usually worn by women to …

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Conversations at Morija # 2

Conversations at Morija # 2 - was held at Maeder House Gallery in Morija on Saturday 26th September 2015. The event featured live interactions between visiting artists from South Africa, and Lesotho-based artists and members of the public....
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MMA celebrates Heritage Month

In anticipation of Heritage Month this year, Morija Museum & Archives, in conjunction with the Royal Archives & Museum (Matsieng), is releasing two publications in order to foster greater understanding in the heritage sector....
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Women In Resistance exhibition coming to Morija

The Women In Resistance Exhibition showcases women who are in various ways fighting for equality, justice, dignity and survival....
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The Hub

Introducing The Hub

The Hub, a creative technology lab, is a new partner in the developing Morija Cultural Precinct....
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